Have you ever asked,

"What's going on at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church?"

Or, "What can I get involved in?"

Well, today is your lucky day! I just happen to have some answers to your questions.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a congregation that has vibrant ministries and growing mission opportunities. We categorize our ministries in the form of Ministry Teams. Each Ministry team has a council liaison; that helps to coordinate the role of their team. If there are one of these areas that you would like to know more about or get involved in, please ask a council member.  

We are not a church because one person makes it all happen and we cannot BE church in the world; if we don't work together for the mission and ministry God has called us into. No matter your age, physical abilities or inabilities, gender, or anything else; you are needed in this place! You make a difference! You are a worker in the kingdom of God, not alone, but together with one another.