This week, we join our neighbors across Nashville for an Online VBS experience. Each day is broken into it’s own playlist for you and your family to participate at your own pace. We will learn about loving and serving our neighbors around the world through skits, prayer, games, crafts, simulation activities, and songs.

Responding to the needs of our neighbors has always been a key vocation of the church. Martin Luther believed that service of the neighbor should be a priority for every person of faith. He wrote, “Therefore, we should be guided in all our works by this one thought alone ― that we may serve and benefit others in everything that is done, having nothing before our eyes except the need and advantage of the neighbor.”

In the parable of the good Samaritan that sets the theme for “Who Is My Neighbor?” Jesus makes clear that “neighbor” is not an abstract concept but rather a radically new relationship made possible by God’s reconciling grace. To be a neighbor is to be in relationship with the people God places in our midst, to both serve and be served by them. In “Who Is My Neighbor?” participants will explore what this means – for them and for their community – by learning about neighbors in six parts of the globe over the five days. You can find each day at the link below. We will also join the other participating congregations via Zoom on Sunday, July 26 at 11 AM.


Please contact the church office for more information!

Peace to you!

While we are currently unable to safely meet in person, we invite you to worship with us online. 

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